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When it comes to your health, you want to start off simply and easily!

About the Host:

Melissa is an Integrative Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner in NLP and Timeline Therapy and a Board Designated Hypnotherapy Teacher Trainer, helping people get to the root cause of their health issues and then get lasting results. Melissa neither diagnoses nor cures but helps bring your body back into balance by helping discover your “toxic load” and then removing the toxins. Melissa offers functional medicine lab testing that helps you “see inside” to know exactly what is going on, and then provides a personalized wellness protocol using natural herbs and supplements.  Melissa’s business is 100% virtual – the lab tests are mailed directly to your home and she specializes in holding your hand and guiding the way to healing so that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Melissa is the winner of the 2021 & 2022 Quality Care Award by Business From The Heart and is also the recipient of the Alignable “Local Business Person of the Year “Award 2022 for Whistler.

Melissa has been featured at a number of Health & Wellness Summits, such as the Health, Wealth & Wisdom Summit, The Power To Profit Summit, The Feel Fan-freaking-tas-tic Summit, the Aim Higher Summit and many more! She has also guested on over 60 different podcasts teaching people about the importance of prioritizing our health and how to get started.




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Melissa Deally:

Welcome back to another episode of health hag as I continue talking to this week about the importance of having health goals in addition to the other goals that you have in your life. And of course, this is the time of year that people are starting to think about their goals. So when it comes to your health, you want to start off simply and easily. You don't want to, if you haven't ever been exercising, suddenly go to the gym and exercise for three hours on the first day, or try to one run 10 kilometers on the first day, because you know that you're going to end up with very sore muscles might injure yourself, and you're not going to want to go back on day two. So how do we start off slowly when it comes to our health? Well, one of the things that I actually focus on is, as we get started, let's actually remove what is no longer serving us before we start moving into changing the way that we're eating or getting good nutrients in. And one of the things that we must remove are toxins. We live in a toxic world with over 100,000 manmade chemical toxins having been introduced since World War Two. And that is impacting our health. It is bogging down our liver to the point where it can no longer function at optimal levels. And it can't get all of those toxins out of our body. And so it will store them in our fat clauses, which are our brain, which is largely made up of fat and water are breasts, which are also made up of fatty tissue and anywhere else in our body where we're carrying excess weight. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't want toxins running around in my brain or my breasts or anywhere else in my body. And so what we need to do is support our body with added nutrients that we're not getting through our food systems because they're no longer in our depleted soil systems in order to help support our liver and getting those toxins out. So the first step is removing the toxins. And what I do multiple times a year, but always in January, is run a group program, my health kickstart and detox which is a complete reset for your body and step one, in regaining your health, let's get rid of what we no longer need. And in that program, not only do I set you up for success in your detox, and hold your hand and get you through it, because let's face it, doing it on our own is hard. And then we just give up. But when we're in a group, we have other people doing it with us, we have the support. That's when we can be successful. But not only am I helping you detox, I am helping you to learn the right way to eat for your unique body. And we talk about nutrition and supplementation. And what is necessary in today's world. I also share with you all about digestion and making sure that it's turned on before you start eating so that your body's actually getting the benefits of the food that you're eating. And we discuss stress and the impact that stress has on digestion. We also talk about how not to retox after your detox because you haven't just done all of this work to have things go back to the way they were. You're feeling amazing. Now you love how you're feeling and you want to continue on this path. And then the last week we talked about sugar because sugar is in everything. And what can you do about that? How do you still satisfy the sweet taste buds in your mouth without having all of that processed sugar, and it can be done. This program is a complete reset for your body resulting in improved energy because you're getting better sleep, improved mental clarity, so you're actually more productive in getting your work done more efficiently, which gives you more time in your day for you. It results in some weight loss because those toxins do weigh something. It also results in your aches and pains going away because we're bringing inflammation levels down in the body. And so your movement and mobility improves. And it can also in many cases, help support rebalancing hormones. And so women that are struggling with PMS or menopausal symptoms will often find they're reduced as well. Because when the body starts healing in one area, it actually results in the entire body healing, we're focusing on the detox and the entire body starts to heal. And that's the beautiful thing about our human body is when we start that healing process, we create the environment for it to heal. It will start healing and that's step one in helping bring your body into balance. And join me next time where I talk about step two where we start diving into Okay, what else is out of balance in your body that we need to tweak and adjust on your health journey. You