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Sometimes when people start taking supplements, they’re not sure where to start. Go back and listen to my last health hack on which supplements to start with. In today’s episode, I will be discussing the ones you don’t want to start with.

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Melissa is an Integrative Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner in NLP and Timeline Therapy and a Board Designated Hypnotherapy Teacher Trainer, helping people get to the root cause of their health issues and then get lasting results. Melissa neither diagnoses nor cures but helps bring your body back into balance by helping discover your “toxic load” and then removing the toxins. Melissa offers functional medicine lab testing that helps you “see inside” to know exactly what is going on, and then provides a personalized wellness protocol using natural herbs and supplements.  Melissa’s business is 100% virtual – the lab tests are mailed directly to your home and she specializes in holding your hand and guiding the way to healing so that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Melissa is the winner of the 2021 & 2022 Quality Care Award by Business From The Heart and is also the recipient of the Alignable “Local Business Person of the Year “Award 2022 for Whistler.

Melissa has been featured at a number of Health & Wellness Summits, such as the Health, Wealth & Wisdom Summit, The Power To Profit Summit, The Feel Fan-freaking-tas-tic Summit, the Aim Higher Summit and many more! She has also guested on over 60 different podcasts teaching people about the importance of prioritizing our health and how to get started.




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Melissa Deally:

Welcome back to another edition of health hack, as I round out this week talking about supplements. And sometimes when people start taking supplements, they're not sure where to start. And if that's you go back and listen to the previous episode, because that's where I talked about the foundational supplements that you want to start with. And some people decide that they've watched a show on TV, they've read a book, and they need to jump in with whatever that person is saying, and they haven't built the foundation. And we want to build the foundation. First, in order to be making sure your body's getting those key nutrients. And then you can add in some of the more specialized supplements that are perhaps more specific to anti aging or other goals. And they are enhanced by the fact that you have the foundational support inside your body already. So while these can absolutely be excellent supplements, they're not the starting point. And so I just want to mention some of them for to you because they're quite commonly heard of. And I just want you to realize, it's more important to get the foundation in to perhaps also be adding in a really good greens drink so that you are getting all of the key antioxidants and polyphenols from a bunch of organic fruit and vegetables. The one I take has 22 organic fruit and vegetables in it. And in any given day, there's no way that I would get that much variety in my fruit and vegetables and in the color of my fruit and vegetables in order to be absorbing all of that goodness. So I love to have that green string in the morning to ensure I've given my body what it truly needs, I still enjoy a plant based lunch, sometimes I have a plant based dinner, sometimes I'll add some chicken or some fish, and lots of veggies or salad on the side. But it doesn't matter whether I'm not getting the variety, because I know I'm getting that through my greens drink, it's very hard to get that much variety, and have all of that produce in your house, and then not have it all get eaten up potentially. So I like to use the green string, I drink that in the morning. I know I've taken care of myself. And I still try to get seven to nine servings throughout the day as well. In terms of the tier of the supplements that you don't want to start with or it's not needed to start with them right away. One of them is collagen, and a lot of people are are taking collagen. And yes, the body needs it after you have the foundational supplements on board. Another is psyllium husk, another is glycine. Another is spirulina and chlorella. Now, if you're taking a green drink that may very well be in there already, which is great, but you don't need to then take it separately Berberine fabulous, fabulous product. You need your foundational supplements before you branch out and start taking Berberine. And you really want to understand why you're taking these as well. Another is an also tall, very, very helpful however, it's not a starting point. So those are some very common ones another one is an R nm n that are have become very popular in the anti aging realm. And again, they're not a starting point. Very good, very helpful. Get your foundational supplements in first. And once you've got that regime down, then you can start branching out into tier two supplements and that tier three supplements again, understanding what your specific goals are. So you can see how this is very personalized to you. And if you want help with it, please reach out Melissa at your guided health I would be happy to guide you through setting yourself up for success when it comes to supplements so it's not costing you a whole lot of money of things being flat of you know, supplements being flushed down the toilet literally because you're urinating them out and ensuring that you have what you need. And you can build up slowly over time based on what your goals are and how your goals are changing throughout your life.