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Are you a tea drinker? Then you want to know about this delicious and packed full of goodness Symphony Tea!

Symphony is made from organic Pu-erh tea from China (this is known as the top tea in China, which says alot. (What Champagne is to France, is this kind of tea to China!). Then, Allysian has added 3 incredible mushrooms to boost the positive health benefits of this tea.

Lions Mane Mushroom – known to boost cognitive function and more! Click to read 9 more reasons to start add this to your diet

Cordyceps Mushroom – boosts immune health, athletic performance and vitality.

Reishi Mushroom – boosts well-being an longevity, and has anti-cancer properties and more.

Combined these mushrooms in this delicious tea offer you a win-win-win, from a satisfying and nutritious drink, that helps balance blood sugar AND cholesterol levels, and offers a powerful antioxidant effect, AND helps improve brain and nerve health! What more could you ask for you as enjoy your cup of tea! You might want to consider switching from your standard black tea or herbal tea, and start each day with Symphony!

I know I do! Your future self will thank you.

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To your longevity.