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In a series of facebook lives and pre-recorded videos, I have put together tips over the past 12 days to help you manage the holiday season. it can be overwhelming for everyone, we still have our regular life, plus a huge increase in our social calendar, and need to find time for gift shopping, and family visits and more! I’ve combined all the videos into one blog here for you to have easy access and share with those who might benefit from these tips. There are still 13 days until Christmas, so you still have time to convert these tips to action! And of course you can use them again next year too. Here are the first 6 days of videos.

Day 1: Program outline + importance of sleep and detoxing

Day 2: Facing the Mall and how to minimize stresses around that.

Day 3: Stresses continued – clearing the clutter in your calendar to give you more TIME.

Day 4: Use your love bra / shield to help you cope with difficult family gatherings.

Day 5: SUGAR! What it is doing to you, and how it is getting into your diet.

Day 6: Why do you have sugar cravings and what you can do about it.